Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer 2010

Boy we started of summer with a bang! The first week of summer break, Nicholas was hit in the head with a bat (the bat won) and had to get seven stitches. I told him he would never forget this day and will have a story to tell his kids and grandkids someday. We were watching the Chicago BlackHawks win the Stanley Cup in emergency room while Nicholas got his Blue yes Blue stitches.

What a fun filled summer we are having so far.

We have had alot of hot weather so we have been able to really enjoy the pool this summer.

At the beginning of summer we had alot of swim meets with the LWSA Gators. Both boys are on the swim team and have really come along way.

Nicholas has really matured as a swimmer according to his coaches. He is beating all his times and should move up in the fall.

Vincent is comming along way, he gives it his all and never gives up. He has alot of heart. I'm very proud of my boys!!

I took the boys with some very good friends to the Brad Paisley concert. The concerts was
fantastic. Nicholas and Vincent really enjoyed the concert with their swim freinds. We had so much fun how pass up going to see Bon Jovi and Kid rock with the same group of people. Tickets were only $13.00 each which is a great price for a concert. We got to see they Stanley Cup along with some great music. We even tailgated for the 2nd time. I'm really not a big Bon Jovi fan but he sounded and looked fantastic!

There will be more to come! I will keep you all posted!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

Wow...Where has the time gone. I cannot believe the its is already August and my kids will be going back to school in less than two weeks! I have been so busy that I have not taken time to stop and smell the roses. I feel like life is passing me by so quick and I feel like I'm alway in fast forward. Where did the summer go?? I wanted to do so much but never seem to have the time to do it. As the boys get older time seem to splipping away! So today August 9th 2010 I vow to STOP and smell the roses!

Well who are my roses? My husband Nick and my two boys Nicholas and Vincent!

I vow to Stop and listen to my son Vincent when he tells me about his video games even if I have no idea what he is talking about.

I vow to Stop and listen to my son Nicholas who has a hard time telling the details of a story and keeps telling me "you know what I mean" when I really do not. I will help him pull out the details so we are both not frustrated.

I vow to get back to my once a week board game night and even let the boys win.

I vow to listen to my husband Nick when he is talking about sports and maybe I might actually like it and learn somthing.

I vow to let Nick watch Sunday and Monday night football because he don't ask for much.

I vow to take a deep breath and look around of what I have and not what I don't.

I vow to think before I speak.

I vow to be a forgiving more loving person.

Sometimes you get caught up in your duties of eveyday life that you need to STOP and smell the roses!